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Does any of these sayings ring a bell?

“I’ve been thinking about creating a course for such a long time. But I just can’t seem to actually get out there and take that first step. I need someone to push me. ”

“There are SO many different tools and frameworks. How do I know which one I should use?"

“Sure, I have a lot of knowledge. But how do turn it into an effective course?

"I want students to enjoy my course and experience a real transformation. How do I keep them engaged and accountable?"

“It is so hard to sell my online course and stand out, how do I get people to sign up?”

We got you.

We will guide you through our step by step process of building your course curriculum, designing an engaging learning experience, understanding your course persona and getting students on board.

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Including all the features you need to create, launch and scale your engaging group experience

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network of creators building the future of online learning


Join selected creators to support each other and brainstorm ideas to make your courses a success!

After the bootcamp you will officially join the community for ongoing support, skill sessions and workshops.

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Get exclusive content that will guide you through the training via the Clustered app. 

No irrelevant noise - simply relevant and useful content.

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Why create a Clustered group course?


For the last decade, creators have been creating self-paced courses as a way to serve their audience at scale. However, it has been proven that the self-paced format is ineffective and fails to offer real value: the completion rate is as low as 5% for most courses!


By shifting to the Clustered method, you will see a huge boost in student success and satisfaction and gain long-term fans. Clustered-based learning aims to take the best aspects of online learning and combine them with the best aspects of traditional classes for an all-inclusive learning experience that delivers real value both to you and your students.

By creating a Clustered course, you unlock endless potential and possibilities for your students and offer them a chance for real transformation, which will boost your reputation as a creator and offer students with what they really need - access to quality content, community and accountability.

Get personal guidance at any step of the way


You'll get personal support from the Clustered team to guide you through the process of creating and running your course and provide you with a clear framework, checklist and roadmap. Our team will consult you on your teaching strategy, marketing strategy and match you with the right resources at any step of the way.

All your course facilitation tools in one place


You want to make an amazing first impression. With Clustered you can rest assured that your students are in good hands. The Clustered app has all the features you need to create, launch and scale your course and keep your members engaged and supported while saving you valuable time and money.

Discover and develop your ideal student persona


We will guide you through the process of discovering your ideal target audience, in order to plan and sell your results-focused course or program with ease and efficiency.

Figure out your pricing strategy


Figuring out how much you want to charge is more art than science. We'll help you figure out how much your audience is usually ready to pay in order to solve their problem, OR how much is the problem worth to them.

Provide your students with real transformation


There are a lot of resources out there that can help you succeed in creating a truly amazing learning experience. If you want to ensure that your students get the connection and transformation that they deserve, then you need a proven bundle of ideas that you can implement into your course, delivered by expert learning experience designers.

Get the validation you need to launch with confidence


Put your ideas to the test and get ongoing feedback on your ideas from the team and the Clustered community to make sure you are on the right track.

Be a part of a strong community


Get access to our live office hours, workshops, and a tight of community of course creators to support you through this journey, keep you accountable and make your course a success. You don't have to do this alone!

4 Weekly online sessions +

Ongoing support via the Clustered App


Dates will be announced soon

We will select a small, intimate cohort of up to 20 motivated and like-minded creators who share the same goals and challenges to go through this experience together. 

"Clustered is really about creating meaningful connections with people, and the team shared many valuable frameworks, tips and tricks with us. I also enjoyed connecting with a diverse group of creators from around the world who share this mindset!"

- Katja Kolmetz
Co-founder, Human Deluxe

"I had been wanting to take my vision and basic idea to the next step for sometime however I was struggling how to achieve this, also an element of fear was holding me back. The Clustered experience has helped me to motivate myself, and provide me with the knowhow to scope, develop and define transferring my vision into something achievable. I feel I have the tools and support to take the final steps to translate my vision into reality. Finally I appreciate that I have become a member of a great community of creators."


- Carolyn Brand
Mentor and Business Advisor,
Expert on Business Negotiations
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