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Hosted by Kat Brendel
Founder and podcast coach

Launch your podcast in just 8 weeks with more strategy and less overwhelm - like the boss you are!

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Have you been thinking about launching a podcast for weeks, months, maybe even years?

First up, no shame here. On the contrary: It’s flipping exciting that you want to get your voice heard and already see the awesome sauce potential a podcast has for you & your biz!

You want to launch a podcast to:

  • Have your visibility go through the roof and be seen by another type of audience

  • Show off your chops and be recognized for your expertise

  • Get personal, build trust, and connect with your community

  • Increase your know, like, and trust factor to create loyal customers and grow your business

  • Create valuable, in-depth content you can repurpose for all your other channels

But you’re getting stuck with:

  • Where to start! Seems like there are a gazillion things you need to know

  • Not having enough time. There are only so many hours in a day!

  • How to figure out all the tech

  • Feeling afraid you don’t have anything valuable to say

  • How to stick with it and stay consistent

  • What to do to get your podcast discovered

  • Overthinking & talking yourself out of it

We get it.


Starting something new can be overwhelming & scary! Not only do you have to figure out all the practical bits, but you also have to get up the courage to put yourself out there. But Kat truly believes you have something valuable to say. That’s why she created the Bosspod Academy – to not only help you launch your podcast but to build your confidence so you’ll have the crazy huge impact we know you can have. And the best part - you can do it together with other people who will cheer you on along the way. 

What if we told you it IS possible to launch a podcast without:

  • Spending hours & hours on Google trying to figure this ‘ish out

  • Feeling lost by all the tech & tool options out there - not to mention learning how to use them

  • Not knowing what to say, let alone how to best say it

  • Getting overwhelmed by keeping up with another commitment

  • Planning and procrastinating into infinity

  • Feeling alone and isolated 

Group coaching to go from idea to launch in 8 weeks

Get an extra dose of support and motivation to make it happen! As part of the Academy, you'll join a group of max. 6 bosses and complete the program together. The group is kept small so you get the optimal level of support. You'll learn from like-minded people, grow as a group together, and get to share your experiences and challenges during and after the program.

How it'll work: Every two weeks, a new module of the digital course will become available for you to work through on your own time. To check in on progress, answer any questions, and give each other feedback, we'll also have weekly group coaching calls. Ongoing support and exchange will of course also be happening via the Clustered app!

Through the combination of going through the online course content of the Bosspod Academy, coaching calls, and connecting on the app, you’ll be able to go at your own pace while still staying on track to launch your podcast in 8 weeks.

There’ll be no excuses anymore – together we’ll launch a podcast for you to grow and connect with your audience!

Sound too good to be true? Nope, that’s what the Bosspod Academy will help you do!

  • Get a step-by-step plan to go from dreaming-about-it to ready-to-launch

  • Discover what type of podcast your audience wants and needs

  • Know what tech to get and how to use it easily

  • Spend time on what matters most - sharing your knowledge and having valuable conversations

  • Build the chops to speak into the mic confidently

  • Master the strategies to market your podcast to launch with a bang - no crickets here!

  • Know how to keep growing your audience

  • Create a workflow to stay consistent with your podcast without overwhelm

  • Work smarter, not harder and get to enjoy the process!

  • And you will do all that while being supported by the tight Bosspod community and your mentor - Kat. 

The Bosspod Academy’s 4-step process to go from dreaming to doing:

Step 1: Define your dream listener

Step 2: Create an engaging format

Step 3: Quick & dirty tech set up

Step 4: Launch & grow like a boss

Read the full description of each module here 

What you’ll get access to in the Bosspod Academy

Snackable video lessons

Each module has video lessons that guide you through everything step-by-step. That’s not a synonym for lengthy though! As a fellow busy boss, Kat made it a point to keep the videos short and actionable. Plus, you can download the audio if you want to learn on the go.


Actionable actionsheets

Each module has video lessons that guide you through everything step-by-step. That’s not a synonym for lengthy though! As a fellow busy boss, Kat made it a point to keep the videos short and actionable. Plus, you can download the audio if you want to learn on the go.


Done-for-you swipe files

So you can get straight into doing, Kat has included the content she has created in the three years of running her own podcast. You’ll be able to simply copy and paste her guest pitch, guest briefing, intro, outros, trailer, and newsletter welcome series.

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Group support and accountability 

This program offers you an intimate, supportive (while equally challenging) container to show up as you are, bringing the frustrations, celebrations, and everything in between to the table. 

Before creating the Bosspod Academy, for two years Kat helped bosses launch their podcast through 1-on-1 coaching sessions and small workshops. Not only though did that limit how many bosses she could help at a time (there are only so many hours in a day!) but also who could afford to work with her. On average, a 2-day launch intensive with her ran around $2,500.


Kat believes everyone has something valuable to say though! That’s one of the many reasons she created the Bosspod Academy: So that you can tap into all her knowledge at a more accessible price to make an impact with your voice.

$2,500 worth of knowledge at your fingertips

  • FREE clarity call

  • Weekly Cluster zoom calls

  • Instant & lifetime access to the Bosspod Academy

  • 4 hours of snackable video lessons

  • 15 actionable actionsheets

  • 6 done-for-you swipe files

  • Be Part of an exclusive, intimate community

  • Ongoing support via the Clustered app - whenever, wherever!