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Setareh Fadaei

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Quality communication starts with the self, but what is “communication” and what is “the self”? How often have you been entirely understood by others, and how often have you not been? 

If we want to change something, first we need to know its nature, how it functions, and the dysfunctionality of it, then we can improve it. In these workshops, we will learn about the nature of communication, how do we build barriers that remove meaning and light from our communication which in turn opens the way for misunderstandings, what is the nature of human beings, we will also learn how to get more connected to our feelings and needs and how to build a healthy communication.

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Who is this course for?

  • Do you have difficulties in expressing yourself?

  • Are you experiencing burnout?

  • Are you tired from repeating the same pattern of relationships?

  • Do you think no one can understand you?

  • Do you want to feel lighter and more joyful?

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What will you learn?
It seems like no one can understand you, you cannot express yourself and what is happening inside you, and you enter into lots of misunderstandings which you were not planning for them! But if you don’t know what is alive in you, how others can understand? All of us have the experience of interactions which feel like a heavy wait on us and it seems like we are not speaking in the same language! Interestingly, communication starts with the self, if we can get connected to our feelings and needs then, we can get more connected with the outside world. In this course you will learn about the nature of communication, the barriers which cause disconnections and misunderstandings and finally how to get more connected to your feelings and needs and how to be in more peace and harmony with yourself and the outside world. At the end of the day you want to be more joyful and light, don't you?
Topics that will be covered:

Violence; Communication; Communication barriers (Judgment, comparison and responsibility towards our feelings); Healthy communication; Our feelings and needs; Effective requests

What will you achieve by attending this course?

You will get to know better what is happening inside you, the reason behind your behaviour, the power of choice and how to break the destructive cycle of anger, humiliation, guilt and depression.

Meet your facilitator

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Effective communication
Setareh Fadaei

I have concluded my Bachelors in psychology from the University of BIHE in Iran and my Masters in psychology (neurocognition and language) in October 2020 from the University of Porto, Portugal. My research field is about expressive writing (writing about traumas) and electrodermal activity, how the body and the sympathetic nervous system reacts in the face of an expressive writing task. I am the organizer and facilitator of psychology workshops in the theme of effective communication, in English and Portuguese. Moreover, I have been involved in the education of children and junior youths from 2015 and since then I have been an animator for junior youth groups.

What is the format of the course?

Weekly sessions of 2.5 hours

Take an active part in your learning.

The facilitator will create a collaborative learning experiences focused on delivering tangible results and keeping you accountable to your specific challenges and goals.

Learn with a community that cares.

This course is designed to stimulate peer to peer learning, support and exchange.  You'll join an intimate Cluster of like-minded learners on the Clustered app, where you can interact, debate,  as questions and get instant feedback.

Get all the content in one place.

You'll get different curated content and exercises each week for each topic you'll cover, which will help you keep track of your progress and get closer to your goal.

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What is the cost of the course?

Option 1: Beginners course - 3 weeks, 7 hours, €149 

This package includes 7 hours of workshop in 3 sessions, with information about some barriers in the middle of the communication and how to build a healthy communication along with few practices 

Option 2: The complete course - 5 weeks, 10 hours, €199 

This package includes 10 hours of workshop in 5 sessions, with information about barriers in the middle of the communication and how to build healthy communications, including extra practices related to the daily life, additional exercises and group dynamics.

What is the schedule?

3-5 weekly sessions, 2:30 hours each