Negotiatress - From Anxious and Unsure, to Confident and Comfortable

Course length

6 weeks


Yasmine Guerin

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Course Price

€2,500, Early bird 1,650

Discover the feminine perspective on negotiation!

Negotiatress is about helping you negotiate more and better for yourself not by using outdated tactics and tricks, but by grounding yourself to your own natural strengths.

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Who is this course for?

This program is for you if you: 

  • Find yourself frustrated or anxious when facing negotiation 

  • Avoid negotiating because it feels unnatural or aggressive to you

  • Are a small business owner or entrepreneur struggling to represent yourself or your business interests in the best way 

  • Are looking to be happier and more fulfilled at work or in your personal relationships, but struggle to find the tools to make it happen

What will you learn?

Learn to overcome the barriers that hold you back from getting what you want, and discover how your own character can be the best tool to negotiate for yourself.

Topics that will be covered:

Learn to:

  • Negotiate more and better for yourself in professional and personal encounters

  • Develop the style of negotiation you’re most comfortable with

  • Bring your authentic self into a negotiation, rather than emulating one-size-fit-all tricks

  • Rid yourself of crippling self-doubt and anxiety in negotiations

  • Create an A-Z action plan for one study-case

What will you achieve by attending this course?

You will complete this course with a clear action-plan for a study case of your choice. More importantly you will transform your understanding of the power you have to shape your surroundings, and the value of your personal strengths.

Meet your facilitator

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Negotiatress - From Anxious and Unsure, to Confident and Comfortable
Yasmine Guerin

After a decade in the field of dialogue and negotiation, I founded Negotiatress to encourage more women not only to negotiate more and better for themselves, but to bring their much needed voice into the world of negotiation. I deeply believe that the male-dominated world of negotiation is thirsty for our perspective on negotiation, as well as the set of tools we bring with us. 

My years of working and volunteering in the political, NGO and private sector have made it clear to me that there is an urgent need for us to take leading roles in all of these sectors, and step in to shape the discourse in them. I am a certified mediator, with a Masters in Conflict Research, Management and Resolution. The fields of both my Bachelors degree- Economics and International Relations feed and shape my take on the world of negotiation. 

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What is the format of the course?
  • Online video modules with original, essential content on negotiation theory and methodology (15 lectures) 

  • 6 Weekly group sessions (2 hours each) 

  • One-on-One coaching 

  • Mastermind component: Accountability, support and peer learning from women who have been where you are or are getting there

Take an active part in your learning.

The facilitator will create a collaborative learning experiences focused on delivering tangible results and keeping you accountable to your specific challenges and goals.

Learn with a community that cares.

This course is designed to stimulate peer to peer learning, support and exchange.  You'll join an intimate Cluster of like-minded learners on the Clustered app, where you can interact, debate,  as questions and get instant feedback.

Get all the content in one place.

You'll get different curated content and exercises each week for each topic you'll cover, which will help you keep track of your progress and get closer to your goal.

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What is the cost of the course?

Get the early bird offer now! Just €1,650 instead of €2,500.

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What is the schedule?

Week 1: Reshape your understanding of what you are worth, and how you can negotiate better for it 

Week 2: Dive into key concepts of negotiation and recognise them in real-life challenges we face as women. 

Week 3: Explore your personal strengths and challenges in negotiation, and learn to develop your own authentic method. 

Week 4: Advanced concepts in negotiation, space & boundaries. Learn to overcome your hard-wiring and take conscious decisions. 

Week 5: Tips and tactics of the feminine negotiation method. 

Week 6: Conclude the course with a clear action-plan to achieving your goals.