4 steps to creating content that converts for your business

By Kat Brendel, founder and podcasting coach

Ever heard of any of these? “Content is key to being visible.” “Content is how you build trust.” “Content is how you set yourself apart.” If you’re a business owner, I bet you have! And those are 100% true statements. But you know what’s also true? That when you’re creating content, you can feel like you’re on a creation hamster wheel, churning out one thing after the other in a never-ending loop. The worst part? If you feel like what you’re creating doesn’t actually have an impact! You’re pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into the content you create, but there’s no positive outcome you can see.

The key is making sure that the content you are creating actually converts for your business! Dive into the four steps to create content that converts to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and start seeing results:

1. Know your dream listener

Think back to the last time you bought something online. Were you standing around your laptop with your mom, partner, and colleague, all together deciding if the sales page convinced you? I’d wager not, and yet often when I ask who a piece of content is for, the answer is “Everyone!” And hey, I’m all about being confident in what you have to offer the world, go you. But here’s the thing: When you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody.

You might have heard that before, but it’s something we like to forget – me included! But especially when creating content as part of your business, it’s not something you can afford to forget – literally. Every time you go big and general instead of narrowing down on your dream listener, you leave money on the table. It’s one person listening to you at a time.

Think of it like a game of darts – you have to aim in order to hit the board, right? So this first step is to take a minute and sit down and try to create a picture of the dream person you’d love to consume your content. When I say a picture, I really mean try to come up with an image of them in your mind. Give that person a name and age, a gender, know what they do, and where they live.

Once you’ve created that first image, you also need to take the next step and think about how you could actually talk to that person. Ask them what their challenges and dreams are, ask them what they believe and what their motivations are. That way, you can make sure that when you create content, it really resonates with them.

2. Position yourself as an expert

Content should be all about giving value to your dream listener that you just defined. I think we can both agree on that! But there’s something you shouldn’t forget to do: Highlight your expertise. If your content is all about useful advice but doesn’t showcase why your dream listener should buy from you, they won’t have a reason to take that next step to actually do so!

The great thing is that creating valuable content and positioning yourself as an expert is not mutually exclusive. Through content, you have the chance to show instead of tell that you're an expert. It’s a small but mighty difference! Here an example to illustrate what I mean:

Tell: I help entrepreneurs organize their tasks to save time and be more productive

Show: My 3-step process to organize tasks that saves me two hours a week

Here are some more ideas to kickstart your brainstorming process of how you can highlight your expert status in your content:

  • Explain your why & how behind what you do

  • Share a success story of someone you have worked with/has bought from you

  • Comment on current news in your industry with your perspective

3. Be vulnerable

One of the first questions I ask my students is: What’s the story you want to tell? And often the answer is very much caught up in the work that they’re doing. But that’s not how we connect with people.

We connect with people over shared human experiences. And no matter what you cover in your content, the one constant is you! Which is why it’s key listeners get to know you so you can build a real relationship with them.

Key for that is sharing stories. Take the time to dig through your story that showcases who you are beyond your work to include in the content you create. Having something that you can share with others that you feel confident in, that feels important to you, and that transmits who you are is how you’re going to build more relationships and have a bigger impact.

You can also develop content specifically focused on connection. Here just a few ideas to try out:

  • Share the journey that brought you to where you are today

  • Interview or be interviewed by a partner/friend

  • Document a day/week in your life

4. Show up consistently

We build up trust through consistency. And we also need to get to know somebody over a longer period of time to know if we want to work with or buy from them. Fun fact: Most people will only after about the 7th touchpoint from somebody start thinking about buying from them. That’s much more than most of us feel comfortable with – me included.

My top tip for being consistent? Choosing the right content channel. There’s a very easy overlap here to decide where that is: First, look where your dream listeners like. Do they like to read or listen or watch? Then, look at how you like to communicate. You can think about how you like to communicate with friends and family. Do you leave them really long voice messages? Would you rather text them novels or are you somebody who’s definitely always gonna do a video call? This gives you a little tip on how you like to communicate.

Now, you can find the overlap between how you like to communicate and where your audience hangs out to decide which type of content to create - if it’s via a blog, podcast, or video show.

The important bit is you enjoy communicating that way! That is what’ll make it easier for you to stay consistent. Don’t force yourself to use a medium just because it’s the new hip thing or people tell you that’s where your people are at.

You have something valuable to say

For me personally, podcasting has been the perfect content channel for over three years now. That’s why I decided to become a podcast strategist and coach that helps bosses like you launch and grow a podcast to boost your audience, impact, and business.

Why podcasting? It’s not because it’s the latest hot trend. Don’t get me wrong, after being in the podcasting game for years, I’m super excited to see how it’s exploded recently. Way more important than that though, is that I’ve seen time and again what a game-changer it is for bosses like you. Those game-changers include increased visibility and audience, establishing authority, building trust & real relationships, and business growth. Plus, the cherry on top is that it’s dang fun too!

If you discover a podcast could be the right thing for you and your business, sure, I’d love to help you with the step-by-step plan to launch and grow with more strategy and less overwhelm. But way more important to me than that is this: You believing you have something valuable to say.

Because you 110% do. So regardless of the channel you choose, use these four strategies to create content that converts and go out there, get heard, and have the crazy huge impact I know you can have!

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