Run this Motha: How to Be a Lady Boss

By Megan Lillick

According to the fearless and famous female, Beyonce Knowles, “Girls, we run this motha!”

My interpretation is that ‘motha’ is slang for ‘mother,’ which is short for ‘Mother Earth,’ which in turn is long and a metaphor for the ‘world.’ So basically: we run the world, ladies. Supposedly.

I say this seemingly because there’s a lot that still needs to happen to really believe in this motha mantra. The US didn’t get their woman president yet, but it could be in 2020 when one’s elected. Not every country celebrates International Women’s day as a public holiday (or at all), although in time the entire globe just might. The gender wage gap still exists and it’s wider than we all thought, however, it is actually narrowing.

The more women stand up for themselves and our fellow females; show up when their vote counts; consistently advocate for women’s rights; and most of all be the boss of their life, then women, we will rule this motha! Most definitely.

The following are just a few ways in how:

B is for Boss

Just because you’re the B for boss, doesn’t mean you’re the ‘B word.’ When we make it into leadership positions, we tend to walk a fine line because of the bitch stigma that we all really ought to ditch. For one, it’s a waste of time worrying about what other people might think of you. And most importantly, you’re in a leadership position for a reason. You likely impressed some important someone(s) enough with your humble conviction and respectful leadership skills, that they purposely put you in the role. So own that boss title.

Be your own Boss

Maybe you’re not in a management role so you’re technically not anyone’s boss. Doesn’t mean you can’t be your own boss. In fact, you should be. No matter if you’re in a steady nine to five desk job with three managers to answer to, adding that additional boss (i.e. you yourself) is always good practice. Because, you never know when you’ll decide to venture off and start your own business. Having diligence for your own time management and organization will go far in that nine to five, freelance contract project, or your future founded company.

Show the glass ceiling who’s boss

Stepping up and taking ownership of your career can get you far up on the corporate ladder or that remote gig that you’ve always wanted so you could travel the globe freely. It can also help you compete with your male counterparts. For instance, if you want that C level position, it might mean getting that M for masters. Going back to school can increase your chances for many jobs, and also your salary. Though, it’s not always necessary for everyone or all professions. Be confident when you land that job, especially when it comes to salary negotiation. I was told at many women networking events that women should always ask for 20% more than they think they deserve. Chances are, you’ll get it. And chances are even higher that your male colleagues did the same.

Meet another boss

You have better chances getting your dream job when you get out and network. Many new bosses of startups are often out scouting talent at these networking events. So get out there on your own or with your clusterette, introduce yourself, be confident like a boss, because who knows, their next hire just might be you!

What are you waiting for? Go run this motha!