Clustered presents: Remote sessions - introducing the Clustered experts community

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Crazy times are upon us, but honestly here at Clustered we've been feeling a bit overwhelmed (apart from the obviously stressful situation) by the amount of content being offered to professionals nowadays. The internet is telling us we need to be productive, on top of our game, teaching us how to be the best versions of ourselves. And honestly - it's exhausting!

On the other hand, there will be a reality post-corona, and this situation doesn't mean we should give up on our career or stop working on our self-development - but wouldn't it be nice to have a safe, intimate space to discuss the professional topics that matter to us without having to seem like we have it all figured out?

Feels to us as if all we need is a bit of normality and content we would find interesting and relevant, even if the whole world wasn’t going to s**t, pardon our French.

So instead of just complaining about it, although we do like our share of complaining, we’ve decided to bring together a very talented group of coaches, mentors, and professionals to give short talks and hold discussions on topics we find relevant and interesting while providing a space to have a real conversation.

We have Mindfulness coaches for the headspace seekers, Product management discussions for entrepreneurs or those seeking to transition into the field and HR & Recruitment discussions from leading experts in the field and other exciting topics.

Those of you that know us, know that we’re all about super curated content and this project is no different. We’ve been building this project with a few goals in mind and we love being super transparent about it:

  1. Making valuable, otherwise expensive content accessible to our members. We’ve realized long ago that quality is hard to come by and most times comes at great costs. At Clustered we’re focusing on our members and on providing them with the best content for reasonable and accessible prices.

  2. Providing a platform for coaches and experts to continue doing what they do best. Unfortunately, many of the coaches joining our remote sessions have lost major parts of their income due to the needed isolation around the world. Giving them this platform and introducing them to our followers will hopefully help them boost their businesses to get through these rough times.

  3. Getting the Clustered word out there. If you’ve attended any of our events or are subscribed to our newsletter, you know that we have been working around the clock to create a super awesome mobile app for our members. This app will have a major role in how we all perceive personal growth, how we expect to digest content and how we interact with like-minded professionals. We built this project as a sneak peek into the type of things we are about to officially launch so stay tuned!

We’ve decided to set up this project on a donation-based payment. What does that mean?

We’ve set a “recommended payment” for each session depending on the content, the coach and other parameters. The possibility to book a spot is open, and the amount you decide to pay is up to you. We can assure you that all the recommended prices are way within reasonable, more to say they are a real bargain. All the facilitators have been working on creating very special sessions for this project and for those who manage to book a spot, you’re in for a unique treat.

We’ll ask you to please notice the time and date of the sessions, THIS IS NOT A Meetup /Webinar, this is an invitation to take part in an intimate session. Please don’t book a spot just because it sounds cool and MAYBE you’ll show up. The spots are very limited and only very few people will be allowed in each session. All sessions have limited single digit spots and depend on all the booked seats to be filled up.

If you’d like to be notified in advance regarding additional events we’re hosting, programs we’re facilitating or just want to be in the waitlist for our app, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.

Looking forward to this great project and the many that will follow.

The Clustered team