Lost to Found #4 - with Lit Lab’s Founder Mallory Chen

Berlin has a way of bringing about a sensory overload. From the ear-splitting sirens and shoves of strangers’ shoulders in rush hour, to the taste of warm street food on lunch break, to sights of all the eclectic styles worn by passersbys, and the smell of, well as of lately, winter dampness and rain.

But there’s one sense unlike the others. One that has instant recall to memories or places of one’s past. It’s the sense of smell, and Mallory Chen, founder of Lit Lab, is obsessed with it, so much so she’s created an entire operation dedicated to it. Founded in 2017, Lit Lab is a DIY candle making studio, where one can select his or her own desired fragrance to bring home, filling it with triggered memories fuming from its wick.