Meet The Team: Rotem Carmely, Founder

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Tell us little bit about you!

I’m Rotem and I’m the founder of Clustered. I started working on this project a few months ago and I’ve been working on it full time ever since.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a suburb city not far from Tel Aviv. When people ask I mostly say I’m from Tel Aviv because it’s just easier and I have spent most of my “adult” life there. Tel Aviv is a great city but people don’t get how small it is - everyone knows everyone, you can easily walk around and everything feels familiar. It’s a great city to live in but it’s also very expensive, and at some point it kind of felt too small for me and I wanted to experience something new.

When did you move to Berlin, and what brought you here?

My partner and I moved to Berlin in July 2016, when he got a job opportunity working for Soundcloud. At the time we weren’t planning to move to Berlin and we actually wanted to move to San Francisco at first. Due to the difficult visa situation in the US and after we heard from good friends of ours about how great Berlin is, my partner applied for Soundcloud and we moved just a few months after he got accepted.