The Power Within: Networking for Introverts

Admittedly, walking into a room full of strangers and randomly picking some of them to share your life and career goals with, is not everyone’s cup of tea. And for many in particular, this professional mingling can seem like a fight-or-flight kind of situation. Yes, we're talking to you, introverts.

But guess what? Networking for introverts is not only possible, but it can also be super rewarding! Flustered cheeks and sweaty handshakes will be a thing of the past once you’re in on a few secrets about effective networking. And the best part is, you don’t even have to try to act like an extrovert. You do you, baby, and the world will follow.

Want to gain confidence in the suit and tie social spectrum? Or maybe you feel more comfortable in the biz casual club? Then go ahead and read on to find out our helpful tips on how to reach out to strangers (professionally!).

So why is networking harder for introverts?