I Went to a Networking Event and Survived to Tell About It

By Felicity Edwards

Oh god, here we go. This is it. After nervously glancing at my calendar for the last three weeks, the evening has finally come. Networking event? Pah. I can do this.

I've done the mantra. I am a strong, independent, successful woman who will kick ass. I'll be charming, personable, humorous and witty. I give myself a once over. Yep, the outfit is on point and for once I'm not over caffeinated to the point of twitching and my demeanour doesn't reek of a 12 hour shift.

Before entering the dragon's den, I take a deep breath. I squint as I take in the sea of sharply dressed people mingling, laughing, nodding and frowning at each other. I pick up a glass of perspiring white wine from the drinks table and beeline it to the nearest group.

Awkwardly hovering the outside the chatty circle, I hear a comment about equities and they all break into polite laughter. A man on the outer ring wearing a designer shirt takes notice of me and walks over to introduce himself. We exchange names, then he asks what I do. I smile and answer. Instantly his own friendly smirk melts into a solemness It’s as if I told him I worked for the Church of Euthanasia. <