The Fierce and Fab Female Initiatives of Berlin

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

By Felicity Edwards

You can’t deny that Berlin’s caliber of inspirational women is rather damn impressive. As the city rapidly morphs into one of the leading tech hubs of Europe and booms with fresh startups, entrepreneurs and exciting projects, there are more and more pretty remarkable teams of women who are at the forefront of several successful female initiatives. In a world where women are often still overlooked in the workplace and subject to discrimination or prejudice, it is no wonder why more women, now more than ever are going out on their own or teaming up with other like-minded ladies to bring their innovative visions to life. And as such being the smart, fierce women of Clustered we are, it is super important to support these projects so they can continue striving for success in creating a better world for women at large.

So to help you best support these badass Berlin fem-initiatives, we recommend you have a browse of a few of the ones we heart so much below. Visit their websites, follow them on Facebook, attend their events and spread the word so that long live female innovation!


Future Females Berlin is a self-titled movement which aims to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in the world by breaking down the barriers to access the resources they need to be successful and prevail. Their platform connects, inspires and supports both existing and aspiring female entrepreneurs. They provide coaching and the ability to sign up to their own business school which acts as a virtual incubator designed to support women with building profitable and scalable businesses. Beyond all this, they hold regular events, talks and collaborations of which topics vary from how to communicate powerfully, to how one can harness the power of social media effectively, to knowing how to strike a harmonious balance between work and happiness and to knowing how to fail successfully in business. So whether you’re an established or aspiring entrepreneur or just a curious party looking to network and learn, check out their upcoming events on Facebook.

CoWomen also provide a space for women to come together and embolden each other in a nurturing and inspiring work space. They seek to connect and support the next generation of female leaders by supplying them with an environment which allow their voices and dreams to be realised and developed. Along with the ability to rent your own beautiful workspace or meeting room, they offer free community events, breakfasts, networking events and masterclasses designed to improve skills along with their CoWomen Silver and Gold memberships. You can follow them and their updates on Facebook.

Women Writing Lab Berlin is the brainchild of one of Clustered’s featured females Margherita, who founded the writing lab as an inclusive, safe, supportive and inspirational writing community within Berlin where women can write and share their own stories, voices, and creative endeavors through community and writing projects. In a world where current institutions and policies dictate that many women’s voices are often still lost and cast aside in the media, the purpose of the digital community is to celebrate and raise these voices and allow them to share their stories in a secure and open-minded environment. WWBL also operates offline and regularly holds events, meetups, writing labs and workshops designed to coach and inspire writers in every aspect of the crafts. You can check out their upcoming events on Facebook.

The Geekettes are an initiative dedicated to supporting women who aspire to be involved and work within the tech industry. They regularly host talks to inspire and motivate women as well as organising workshops to teach and hone skills. Their mentorship program links ambitious tech professionals and entrepreneurs with experienced role models who offer their own guidance and insights into the tech world. The Geekettes blog is a shrine to female thinkers who share their achievements and offer their voices as inspiration. From pitching to scaling to designing, they cover all bases in order to give women the momentum to realise their tech dreams. You can follow their recent activity and updates on Facebook.

Wonder Coworking was developed as an initiative to support other fem-initiatives! Its founder, Shari, envisioned creating a welcoming and comfortable space which women could come to and use in various capacities to promote their own initiatives. The infrastructure is designed to provide everything you could ever need to work on projects, whether it be in a team or solo, whether you’re looking for a venue to hold events or whether or not you’re looking to collaborate and/or seek support in an inspiring community. With a Wonder Coworking membership women have meeting and event rooms at their disposal; fixed and flexible workspaces; a growing library of books centered around women, business and business start-ups; networking events; yoga; breakfast meetups with fresh fruit, filter water and, of course, plenty of coffee! Keep track of their upcoming events on Facebook.

Women Techmakers Berlin are similarly a an organization which celebrates diversity and seek to include women within the thriving tech scene. They offer various activities including intense study groups, networking events, talks with professionals and their own crash course Youtube tutorials which walk their students through using Javascript and give helpful tips and bites on how to proactively work. They've been around for 5 years now (!) and last year they even earned the title of the most active tech meetup in Berlin by They've also been constantly working on creating synchronization between the different meetup groups in town in order to provide the tech women of Berlin with as many possibilities as possible. You can check out their updates and coming events on Facebook here, and their Slack group here.

Women Who Code is an international and non-profit organization that provides services for women pursuing careers in tech and offers a job board for businesses seeking coking professionals. They aim to provide women with the support to develop their technical skills and guide them into the technology world by evaluating and assisting them. Their initiative offers training, professional evaluations, scholarships and meetings. Their scope has reached over 60 cities in 20 countries and they have executed more than 8,000 free events worldwide and built a membership of over 167,000. You can keep up to track with their news on Facebook.

These fem-initiatives represent only a small drop in the ocean of what amazing ventures the women of Berlin are working on. It’s a bright future for Berlin if it remains home to such talent and innovation. But in order for these initiatives and others to continue thriving, they need continued support. So join up, check out their events, follow them all on Facebook, go along, listen, learn, network, create, get inspired and become an integral part of Berlin’s fem-initiative revolution!

And if you have a fem-initiative of your own that you’d like us to support, please do get in touch via our contact page today! We’d be happy to feature it in our weekly newsletter so the Clustered community can be in the know to have your back.