The Fierce and Fab Female Initiatives of Berlin

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

By Felicity Edwards

You can’t deny that Berlin’s caliber of inspirational women is rather damn impressive. As the city rapidly morphs into one of the leading tech hubs of Europe and booms with fresh startups, entrepreneurs and exciting projects, there are more and more pretty remarkable teams of women who are at the forefront of several successful female initiatives. In a world where women are often still overlooked in the workplace and subject to discrimination or prejudice, it is no wonder why more women, now more than ever are going out on their own or teaming up with other like-minded ladies to bring their innovative visions to life. And as such being the smart, fierce women of Clustered we are, it is super important to support these projects so they can continue striving for success in creating a better world for women at large.

So to help you best support these badass Berlin fem-initiatives, we recommend you have a browse of a few of the ones we heart so much below. Visit their websites, follow them on Facebook, attend their events and spread the word so that long live female innovation!