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Launch a New Income Stream in 3 Days

Hosted by Olivia Wong

Business design and innovation expert

Back by popular demand!

Tue, 16.06.2020, 18:00 CET

Achieving High Impact with a Small Marketing Team

Hosted by Amina Altaf

Marketing expert and consultant 

Thu, 25.06.2020, 18:00 CET

Recommended donation: 5-10€

Group Workshop: Leverage Linkedin to Raise Your Visibility

Hosted by Lida Tohidi

Coach & Strategy advisor

Wed, 24.06.2020, 19:00 CET


How to lead inclusively through challenging times

Hosted by Margherita Sgorbissa

Diversity and inclusion consultant

Monday, 6.4.2020, 11:00

Product Leadership: increasing drive and setting your team for success

Hosted by Carolina Castanheira

Product leader and business coach

Friday, 3.4.2020, 16:00

How to stand out during your job search to get the job you want

Hosted by Fareen Shaikh,

HR expert and career coach


Monday, 6.4.2020, 18:00

How to ethically market your services during a time of crisis

Hosted by Megan Thudium

Marketing expert and

business coach

Tuesday, 7.4.2020, 17:00

Mindfulness in uncertain times

Hosted by Nicole Gottselig

Senior Content Manager

and Content Writer

Tuesday, 7.4.2020, 10:00

Entrepreneurship - How to conquer your fears and keep working on your business

Hosted by Christiane Schild,

Professional business coach

Wednesday, 8.4.2020, 16:00

How to achieve peak performance as an entrepreneur

Hosted by Doried Ab,

Transformational coach

Thursday, 9.4.2020, 17:00

How to Create an Online Personal Brand to Gain Opportunity

Hosted by Basant Shenouda,

Career Coach

Tuesday, 14.4.2020, 19:00

Navigating Your Career - How to Become a Product Manager

Hosted by Inbal Cohen

CPO and innovation expert


Tuesday, 14.4.2020, 18:00

F*CK Anxiety &

Get Sh*t Done

Hosted by Vikki Yaffe

Entrepreneur and Coach

Thursday, 16.4.2020, 13:30

How to find, own, and share your story to supercharge connection

Hosted by Kat Brendall

Podcasting strategist & coach

Tuesday, 21.4.2020, 18:30

Self-Leadership - Lessons From Product Management to Skyrocket Your Career

Hosted by Balach Hussain

Entrepreneur and product leader

Wed, 29.4.2020, 18:00

How to  build meaningful business relationships that will elevate your career

Hosted by Rotem Carmely,

CEO of Clustered

Thursday, 16.4.2020, 18:00


Launch a New Income Stream in 3 Days

Hosted by Olivia Wong

Business design and innovation expert


Wed, 06.05.2020, 18:00

Turn an Unengaged Group Into an Accountable, Effective Team

Hosted by Peter Griffiths

Business and leadership coach

Tue, 12.05.2020, 18:00

5 Ways to Engage and Motivate Product Teams

Hosted by Boris Libeert

Product Management Coach

Thu, 28.05.2020, 18:00

Group Workshop: How to Set and Reach Your Financial Goals

Hosted by Anna Martynenko

Art therapist and photographer

Tue, 09.06.2020, 18:00 CET

How to Use the Press to Boost Your Project Momentum?

Hosted by Olivia Czetwertynski

International Communications Strategist


Tue, 26.05.2020, 17:00

Recommended donation: 8€

Group Workshop: How to Grow a Service Business Internationally

Hosted by Tom Hayton

Creative director and consultant

Thu, 11.06.2020, 18:00 CET