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Hosted by Maria Murnikov
creative strategist and business mentor
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Ever wonder why you never achieve your goals?

Trying to achieve goals alone is not always easy. You quickly feel isolated and lonely. You worry, you doubt, you are insecure. Sounds familiar?
We want to achieve so much, to tackle so much more, but we just don't know how to fit it all in. 

There is a lack of clarity, overview, structure and strategy… just about everything. We feel like we have to do everything ourselves, we feel overwhelmed and then….  Well, hi there hamster wheel! 

Frustration, stress and burnout are pretty much guaranteed. And what happened to your own goals in all this? 

They kind of fall by the wayside. 

It doesn’t always have to be so hard though. 

Tackling goals with the right tribe is so much easier!

We create a safe and supportive space for you to discuss your problems, connect with new accountability buddies to nail your goals. 

Our mastermind Cluster is full of motivated folks who are willing to change and pull together to put in the effort for it! These rockstars work together for their highest potential and hold each other accountable. They discuss their goals, think about strategies, share their struggles and problems they face in daily business or daily life.


They celebrate wins together, but more critically, they motivate each other when things are going downhill, and they cheer each other on when they get stuck.


There will only be 6 places in each group, kept small so you get the optimal level of support. You will learn from like-minded people, grow as a group together, and get to share your experiences and challenges during and after the program. 

This is for you if… 

  • You are searching for like-minded people, with the same interest to grow as you

  • If you are ready for success in your business

  • You are committed to take action and start working towards your goals

  • You are searching for guidance and support from a mentor and a community 

  • You are all in and ready for a change

  • You are searching for a group that supports you, motivates you and celebrates your success

  • You are committed to take action 

  • You are searching for guidance and support from a mentor and a community 

  • You need help in setting your mindset, to develop methods and to find tools


The best goals in the world won't be achieved without the right planning. 


So set some time aside to focus on you - your goals, your business, your priorities. 

Buckle up, because this mastermind is going to take you on quite a ride. 

Destination productivity with ease - and making friends along the way.


It’s about time you get the results you’ve been putting all this time and energy into.

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  • Bi-Weekly Cluster zoom calls

  • Ongoing support via the Clustered app - whenever, wherever!

  • Get Honest Feedback, Advice and Brainstorming

  • Create better results with less time and energy

  • Get a clearer vision of what you want and how to get there

  • Be Part of an exclusive, intimate community

Until August 5th. After August 5th, 60€/month